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Long Distance Phone Service Info That You May Find Useful

While the price of long distance telephone service was well over 10ยข per minute in the late 90's, it's in the low single digits per minute today, and there are many options for a monthly charge that includes "unlimited" domestic long distance calling. Some providers also provide monthly plans for unlimited international calling to specified countries. Most of the decrease in costs has been attributed to the increase in datacenters and fiber optics lines, and the improvement in compression technology. The huge build-up of bandwidth created in the late 90's to feed the dot com feeding frenzy, and at the same time, the mad scramble to decrease the size of files being sent over the network with better compression software also helped. When the dot com's crashed, they left a glut of bandwidth for other services.

Providers of voice services benefitted from the huge amount of available bandwidth. Since there was a ton of bandwidth, they could renegotiate their contracts for line time at a fraction of the price they had to pay when there wasn't enough space to go around. On top of that, the ability of start up phone companies to buy cheap line time, without having to build their own infrastructure, meant they could now cut prices to the point that it caused the big players like MCI, Global Crossing, Williams and others into bankruptcy court because of their overspending in the late 90's.

Now that business customers have the choice of low cost long distance service with good customer service, there is no reason for long distance telephone customers to stay with companies like AT&T, Lumen and Verizon, when they can get the same service, over the same digital networks sometimes for only a fraction of the cost. If you are interested in comparing long distance telephone prices for service in your area, the Long Distance Phone Service Best Rate Calculator can show you the cheapest long distance carriers in your area so that you can make an informed decision on the best long distance company for your calling needs.

A VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone service may be apprpriate for you. There are various plans including some that offer unlimited local and domestic USA long distance calling for about $20 per month depending on which options are desired. Learn about your options at VoIP De-Mystified.

However, most businesses today find that a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) system is more appropriate. UCaaS is a service that includes voice services plus other communications options like text, chat, and email. For expert complimentary assistance as to which UCaaS option might be best for your business, Contact Us.

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